Clubs and Committee


All round development and drawing the best from mind, body and soul is our goal for which various clubs and committees are formed

Class Room

Each classroom houses a large area and is designed such that every student gets the teacher's maximum individual attention.

Apart from regular teaching rooms alone, there are a number of other rooms like the Resource room, Audio-Visual room, Art and Craft , Pottery, Amphi Theatre, Auditorium, Personality Development and Clinical Counseling rooms to facilitate better learning.

Well-ventilated with huge windows, they offer the right atmosphere for learning. The white boards and bulletin boards placed at vantage points, make learning easier and interesting.

Computer Lab

Computer education is an integral part of the curriculum at our school. The state-of the art computer laboratory with 100 systems to provide one to one access is very popular among the students. Students are trained to learn the latest software applications and programming languages. The school offers computer education from Class 1 to Class 8. Highly qualified teachers impart the knowledge of computers and fully equip the students for the challenges of the computer age.

A dedicated broadband Internet connection in the lab provides Internet access to source websites for educational materials. Computer sessions and Internet access are monitored and supervised by computer teachers who aid and guide the children through the sessions.


The future is changing. Today, the future needs minds that can create, think beyond, discover patterns, make meaning of them and discover something new.

Every child is wonderfully original. ImageMinds gives them the power to colorfully express what they're thinking as they discover, explore and dream.

ImageMinds has been created to start young minds on their journey of creative education right from their junior years, all the way to class 10.

The Science Laboratory

The Science Lab of our school provides an atmosphere of experiencing and learning science. It is an ultramodern Science lab, which can accommodate more than hundred students.

The Science lab also provides an open environment for students to experiment and do research work. Under the professional guidance and assistance given by our science teachers, students are also encouraged to exhibit their innovative powers by developing samples and models.

Maths Laboratory

Calculation is practical aspect of a successful life .Hence students expertise this for a calculative and brilliant way of excelling their life

Library/Media Centre

The library is the main resource centre for the students and the faculty at our school. We have E-Library with centralized network. There is a collection of 5000 Books, Periodicals, Journals, Cds and DVDs incorporated with British Broadcasting corporations.


The vast collection of over 15,000 volumes is mainly comprised of textbooks, reference books, fiction titles, periodicals and audio-visual material like CDs and VCDs. Separate areas house the collection of syllabus-based textbooks (according to classes), fiction titles (primary and secondary) as also periodicals and audio visual materials.

Teacher's Resources

Reference titles assisting the teachers in their teaching as well as in preparing their study material and worksheets are placed in the basement. Latest foreign publications in different subjects help the teachers to update their knowledge.

Audio Visual Materials

Many CDs comprising of nursery rhymes, storytelling aids and other titles for primary classes are available for the teachers. The faculty members also use subject based CDs in Science as well as Mathematics as an aid to their classroom teaching. Globes, geometry boxes, large sized books and flap books are also other teaching aids stocked in the library.

Audio-Visual Rooms

The audio-visual room is extensively used by the faculty and students to make presentations. To ensure long-term retention of what is taught, the school uses Power Point presentations and the Smart Board to hone student skills and encourage student-teacher interactions.

Computer Aided teaching sessions hold a special place at Harsha International Public school, which give our students the winning edge in a competitive world. Students have the pleasure of learning various topics with the help of computers. A research-oriented approach is encouraged and frequent analysis of projects helps students to orient themselves with the rapidly changing requirements of the world outside.


'Smart classes' 'Smart children' 'Smart tomorrow…'
Learning gives creativity
Creativity leads to thinking
Thinking provides knowledge
Knowledge makes you great
We Make the children creative and thus intelligent by making them experience the chapter through Educomp SmartClass that pioneers in smart way of teaching

Smart Class

Chapters Come Alive To Teach

Cultural committee

Every child is born with a talent . The only thing is that it should be recognized and encouraged . Cultural committee is formed with this aspect.

Prayer Committee

We are equal to a worm. If we don't have the basic values of life which is deep rooted through prayers and the unwavering faith in the Almighty . Prayer committee makes our children a true human.

Language Club

English , Hindi and Kannada
English is the window to the world. We do not want our children to be bound by any limits we want them to extend their lives to the entire world. Hence our children are strengthened in English through various activities and competition

Science Club

"I hear and forget I see and remember, I do and I understand". Science club is formed for the children's practical comprehension of the world.

Quiz Club

Intelligence of the children must be updated and reciprocated so that we can have a fully evolved personalities.

Sports Club

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The physique and their innate talent is kindled by the sports club. Sports play a vital role in the inter-country relations for which we have Olympics and such other sports activities. We want our children to excel in every area. Hence the sports club is formed.


The spacious auditorium which has a seating capacity of about 2000 is equipped with the best acoustics and light systems. The auditorium helps students to conduct quizzes, debates and concerts.

Health Centre
  • Immediate Health care with own Hospital in campus. Harsha M.S Ramiaha Hospital is at our arms stretch.
  • At Our School when students feel unwell or a little ill at ease immediate care is provided at our own health centre.
  • A tranquil atmosphere is provided there with basic first-aid facilities.
  • In case of immediate attention, qualified teachers are available to attend and nurse the students in the health centre.
  • The faculty ensures that utmost care is taken till the parents are available to care for their child.

Health and Physical Activity

  1. Athletics
  2. Aerobics
  3. Basketball
  4. Badminton
  5. Cricket
  6. Chess
  7. Carom
  8. Brain teasers
  9. Word builders
  10. Business
  11. Dance
  12. Taekwondo
  13. Yoga
  14. Foot ball
  15. Throw ball
  16. Volleyball
  17. Squash court
  18. Skate classes
  19. Swimming Pool
  20. Rock climbing


World class transport facility with cushion and comfortable seat.

The School has its own transport infrastructure to provide convenient conveyance for the students and staff from Bangalore and Near by Area. Pick-up and drop facilities are made available keeping in mind the convenience of all those who avail of the School transport facilities.

Transportation is taken care with well experienced drivers and helpers monitored by CCTV surveillance.