A window to the outside world which brings in economic social political and all round development of the country is served through the knowledge of English. Hence this language development is taken place through the intra, inter, spatial and all such multiple intelligent factors which makes our students excel in English .


whether in the form of mother tongue or in the aspect of communication languages brings relation , Harmony and the sense of oneness among the students . Hence Kannada language is taught for the students to excel for all the above mentioned aspect.


As proud Indians we are proud of the national language and hence the students expertise this language with sense of patriotism.


Calculation is practical aspect of a successful life .Hence students expertise this for a calculative and brilliant way of exceling their life


Truth is above than fiction . Science deals with truth . The proved aspects of physics chemistry and biology brings an interim knowledge regarding the function and the making of the creation and the universe.


chronological , ancestral and periodical study of past , present and future events.


An essential aspect of early learning is the use of play to teach children about the world. Digital learning allows children to expand their mind by encouraging exploration through technology. The use of the right tools can support learning in a memorable and exciting way.