A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Our school not only looks after the intellectual development but also the all round development of a students. Yogasana that heals both mind and body is conducted to purify the mind and heart of the tender and the bubbling ones.


It's a self defense training that places emphasis on self development psychological development such as perseverance, fearlessness, virtue and leadership skills are aimed through this art.

Classical Dance

Our heart and mind get relaxed and hearts start humming with the witness of classical dance. Classical dance teachers make our children complete and up to date in every aspect.

Library/Media Centre

The library is the main resource centre for the students and the faculty at Our school. There are Two Libraries available for Children, with a seating capacity of over 150 in each.


Is a brain development programme that improves academic excellence through improved concentration, comprehension ,retention and recall ,logical reasoning, speed and accuracy of computing skills.

Phyical Education

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The physique and their innate talent is kindled by the sports activity . Sports play a vital role in the inter-country relations for which we have Olympics and such other sports activities.