We may run, walk, stumble, drive or fly but let us never lose sight of the reason for the journey , or miss a chance to see a rainbow on the way. The rainbow that had to reciprocate the faith of the Public, HARSHA INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL that has to cater to the higher needs of today's competitive world came into picture.

The school forms the foundation for a child's future, which is why we stress on a collaborative approach. Between you and us, between the teachers and us, and more importantly, between our teachers and your child.

We believe in the power of a collaborative approach to education. In today's highly individualistic society, we have lost sight of the benefits of working and learning from each other. At Harsha International Public School, each child is imbibed with a sense of belonging to a greater whole while their individual contributions are valued and cherished. We provide your child with a stimulating and safe environment to explore and express their ideas. The value of togetherness is imbibed in them while maintaining and honing their individuality.

Harsha International Public School is one of the esteemed institutions in the Garden city - Bangalore. It is located 24 kms away from Bangalore Central Railway Station. Trust believes in true service and brings out qualified professionals who are real strength of our Institution, Society and our Country.

Harsha International Public School was formed by a getogether of a group professionals in different fields to expose a noble cause of providing quality education. It is situated at #193/4, MS Ramaiah Harsha Hospital Campus, Sondekoppa Circle, NH4, Nelamangala, Bangalore-Pune Road, Bangalore Rural District. Harsha Charitable Trust (R)

It gives me great pleasure in welcoming you all to Harsha International Public School. With pride, I can confidently state that our school is geared to meet the needs of not only the local community.


Harsha International Public School nurtures and develops the potentialities in children and re-defines education to Holistic Education where each child possess competencies as problem solving, creativity, innovation, positive thinking, self esteem and confidence to succeed in a “ Global Economy”


We are committed to be an exceptional school with a difference. The graduates of our school will be cognizant, sensitive, reflective and participate individuals who, take pride in themselves and the nation, will impact and influence a changing society with confidence and creativity.

The school is committed to provide a challenging, enriching and purposeful learning environment on a sustained basis in the belief that this engages students in maximum learning. Holistic, value based self-development through nurturing life skills becomes the nucleus of this affirmative learning milieu.

Core Values

We believe that each child is exclusive and has immeasurable potential. We provide multiple opportunities for students to discover and demonstrate their proficiency and develop their distinctive identities.